Saturday, May 5, 2012

And Adam said, “Let there be a Blog”

And there was a blog. And Adam saw that it was alright, I guess good.

After a small bit of discussion and a significant amount of thought, I've decided to resurrect this unused blogger account of mine to post updates, production notes, and possibly some behind the scenes content for my horror video series TribeTwelve. Because I've found that my Tumblr account has become more for my recreational reblogging of silly / funny / random things with TribeTwelve / Slenderverse posts arbitrarily thrown in between, and the Facebook group always tends to be cluttered with posts from group members, this blog will be exclusively focused on the production of TribeTwelve.

If anyone would like to post anything in particular, leave a comment with what you'd like to see and I'll see what I can do to appease your request. I hope that this Victorian stylized aesthetic will please your eyes for future posts.

~ Adam Rosner


  1. Hey Adam :)

    I think this blog is a great idea and I can't wait to have a look at the production of Tribe Twelve. Plus, knowing you, there's going to be some excuriating teasers for what's to come in the series itself...:)

  2. This is an amazing idea! YAY! ...Also, are you aware that you have people who worship the ground you walk on at Wonderful fanbase, really. :D