Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Editing Hell

Since two days ago, it's been exactly four months since the last TribeTwelve video, November 11th. This has mainly been due to a short hiatus that I went on because of college and other personal matters I had to take care of. However, I've been working on the next video diligently in whatever free time I can catch. Also, since this semester has ended and Summer has started, I've working on finishing the video with full force.

Nonetheless, the editing I'm doing for this video is very advanced and the effects I'm trying to pull off in it are pretty ambitious, even by my standards. So, even though this video is a pretty big job, I'm going to put my all into it in order to get it out as soon as I possibly can. I'm not going to reveal when I plan to post this next video, but I will say that there's a certain anniversary coming up that you should all look forward to. So, since I can't give a proper 'estimated time remaining', I will give you this teaser image to serve as consolation for the time being.

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