Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Fucked Up Dream: "The Crimson Harvest"

I just woke up from this very fucked up dream. This is much shorter than my last dream, but still very terrifying. The ending definitely is what made the dream for me though; it was so unexpected, yet so oddly fitting...

Just like "The Great Visage", I supply you with this small visualization I made in Photoshop to accompany you as you read.

For some reason, I was walking the streets of this pretty empty city at night, somewhere down south but with a lot of tall buildings, when a police car comes barreling through the street. I was crossing at the time, and the guy barely hit me before crashing into the steps of a building at the end of the street. This fat black cop immediately got out of the car and ran past me before I could say anything. I looked to where he was running, and there was a fence being set up and a large crowd forming. A big wooden sign was raised, "Heart Defect Screening". I remember watching on the news about this new heart defect that got everyone freaked out, so I guess this was a big deal. Over a megaphone somewhere, someone said "FORM A FUCKING LINE AGAINST THE FENCE IF YOU WANT TO BE SCREENED", and everyone ran to the fence. I got a decent spot in line, and asked the people around me about the screening. Few could say anything because they were so scared about having the defect that they just stood there waiting for their turn. One guy in front of me was saying that if you’re found with the defect, they’d have to open you up and have open heart surgery right then and there or else you may die any second. I got real nervous at this. When I was near the next person in line, they made me take off my shirt, sign a lengthy form, and I asked, "How long is the ultrasound going to take?" and the official replied, "This ain't no ultrasound boy, it's a cardiac catheterization procedure". This freaked me the fuck out, because that's a surgical procedure where they insert a catheter into a chamber or vessel of the heart, and also because I was up next. I was really reluctant, because there was this giant billboard, similar to a scoreboard at a basketball game, which had a red LED read out increasing numbers:

TOTAL: 123

Next in line, I was given a small remote. I had to wait for a green button to light up. When it lit up, I pressed it and I walked down the long empty area of the other side of the fence into this run down building. From the inside, it was very dark and looked very makeshift; there were big sheets of opaque plastic draped everywhere and dim blue lights shining faintly behind them, a rancid odor permeated the halls; a mixture of sanitizer soap and decaying flesh. There was a distinct whirring of machinery and it was very cold. I must have taken the wrong turn, because I found this room with a sign slapped on saying, "HARVEST STORAGE". Inside, it was like a giant freezer with this massive glass chamber filled with blood. There was a pneumatic tube connected to the top of the container, and something red fell down through it into the blood pool. Looking closer, I could see that it was a heart. The whole container was filled with human hearts, some still quivering. I ran out of the room, trying to find an exit, but the place was a maze. I finally found what I had thought to be the exit, except it was the operating room. It was backlit from behind the operating table, so I could only see silhouettes, but there was a man screaming on the table. There were 4 to 5 surgeons, except their forms didn't look human. They looked quite reptilian, with long faces and tails coming out from the back of their white surgical gowns. I was stunned and paralyzed at this sight, they looked like humanoid velociraptors. They had just pulled out this man's heart and put it though this suction tube going upward that I assumed connected to the glass heart container. Their blood covered snouts turned toward me, and I heard them shriek. It sounded exactly like that frightening sound from Jurassic Park that the raptors made. I ran out the double doors and took a zigzag route in order to lose them. After a while, there was this dark hallway with a door at the end of it. Inside this room, through the circular windows of the double doors, a small light was bouncing around. I went in and ran toward the little light. I hit something thick – it was a person. I found the light switch and flicked it on. The person who I ran into was none other than Link from Zelda, the little light being Navi. I began to ask, "Link?! What the fuck are you doing he-" but he interrupted me by grabbing my shirt and saying sternly, "THE DODONGOS. THEY'RE STEALING ALL THE HEARTS. I NEED MORE HEARTS. I ONLY HAVE TWO AND A HALF LEFT. WHERE ARE THEY KEEPING THEM? YOU MUST TELL ME, BOY. NOW." Before I could answer, I was woken up by my mom at 2:30pm and began writing this all down.

I don't know what to make of the dream, but it was so terrifying that it wasn't even funny when I woke up. I was still scared out of my mind. Fucking Dodongos.