Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"The Live Stream Incident" and A Special Announcement


(SCURVY SPOILERS AHOY, watch the above video before reading)

After weeks and weeks of tedious editing and rendering, this massive 30 minute, 1.5GB video is complete and uploaded. The shots were tricky, the planning was intricate, and the editing was grueling, but it's finally been completed and posted. What really took the bulk of my time to edit was the scene where I get teleported around to previous videos. I had that teleport scene planned for a long time, at least since one of my first rewrites of TribeTwelve's plot. The most difficult bit to pull off was the hotel scene, which took up nearly 3/4 of my entire editing time to execute correctly and polish as best I could, easily proving to be the most monotonous and tiresome editing process I have ever committed myself to performing. Hope you enjoyed the video, even though it was a bit lengthy. Because Stickam didn't record the livestream on my account, I decided to include as much as I could from what I had recorded on my camera so that people who weren't there to witness it live could see what happened.

Now, for the announcement that I was talking about...

This is the end of Season 1, or Part 1, or the first half of TribeTwelve, whatever you want to call it. Now, don't jump to any conclusions over this. Just because there are 40 videos now, doesn't mean that the series will conclude with 80; there may be more or less. I'm really not quite sure yet myself how many videos the rest of the plot will entail, but I'm very excited to make them regardless. I'm going to take another short hiatus or so from making videos, and by short I really mean a month or two as usual. I'm allowing myself this time to work on a section of the series that has only been planned out but not written down yet. If any of you are curious, it's this mysterious document that I talked about in a previous post. I've been working hard with my writers for years on it and it's looking positively marvelous.

More updates on that will come in the future.

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  1. if you need an idea for a backwards song for an observer video
    there is one which i think would be perfect

    gnarls barklay - the boogie monster

    "I got a monster in my closet
    Someone's underneath my bed
    The wind's knocking at my window
    I'd kill it but it's already dead

    It waits till the midnight hour to come
    To torture me for the wrong I've done
    It just sits there and stares at me
    And it won't let me get any sleep"

    "At first I was scared when I looked at his eyes
    But now that I know him I'm not that surprised
    I'm just waiting on the sun to rise
    Oh, how I wish that old sun would rise"

    "I used to wonder why he looked familiar
    Then I realized it was a mirror
    And now it is plain to see
    The whole time the monster was me"