Saturday, December 15, 2012

The November 11th Livestream and News on the Upcoming Livestream Video

Sorry about the livestream being so terrible. It didn't go exactly as I planned because at the time, INTERCEPTION couldn't render properly and errored out each attempt. It was supposed to play at 11:15 but didn't work, so I just manycammed it playing in premiere at midnight. I guess a lot of people were lagged out of the chat and many didn't see much at all, I'm not even sure the livestream recorded properly, damn Stickam. Last time I'm using their service. It could have been much, much better - but too many technical factors messed up the result. Anyway, the livestream video on my camera will be uploaded to make up for the stream difficulties and frankly, that's what I worked the hardest on. I'm disappointed, but all in all it worked in the end.

So, to recap:

1. INTERCEPTION was supposed to play during the livestream, but for some reason only the audio played.
2. The livestream didn’t record, only 38 seconds. I guess that was all Stickam thought it was worth. No matter, I have it mostly recorded on my camera. I’ll upload the good bits and then the special part when I went off screen.
3. I've been working on the livestream video since the 11th and it's requiring a lot of time to do, mainly due to specific effects that require hours of tedious patience. This may be the longest TribeTwelve video to date 25+ minutes long, since it includes the best bits from the stream. Every second of the video will be worth it, however.
4. If Premiere allows me to render this behemoth in one piece, I'm planning to have it uploaded at least by Christmas, but no guarantees.

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