Monday, May 18, 2015

TribeTwelve: Five Years Later

An ominous meeting.

It's been five years since I started this little project. I've been meaning to make a new post on this blog for basically a year now, so I feel that the 5 year anniversary would be a good opportunity to get my thoughts out there. I feel like reiterating what I said in my previous post from last year would be a bit redundant, so let me take this time to give a sincere thanks to all of those who helped me stay afloat and gave me a reason to continue TribeTwelve. This blog post will update you on the past, present, and future of TribeTwelve since my previous post.

The Past

After the Slender Man stabbings about some 13 days after last years 4 year anniversary blog post, a lot of us creators halted our thought machines just to take a breather from the bombshell event that overexposed us to the media masses. It's honestly not been the same since. Even though we've still been updating here and there, our image took a big blow that we had to take a while to recover from. Since the stabbing to this day, I've been spending most of my TribeTwelve work time planning and polishing structured ideas for the rest of the series. I've also been focusing on my school work; I just finished two semesters of Chemistry 1 and 2. I've never been that good at chem, but I managed to pass both with flying colors... at the expense of taking focus away from working on TribeTwelve.

The Present

Let me just say that I'm pretty upset that I've not been able to update regularly like I used to. Since my old group of friends that I started this series with moved to Orlando, as well as losing one key crew member, it's been a trying task to really restart the motor of my series and get reliable help to keep it running. For the most part, I am still managing this project all by myself and it's tough for me when I'm such a perfectionist delivering on a vision of mine, especially when I'm trying to balance finding a job and getting schoolwork taken care of. Right now I'm finishing polishing scripts that have been in the oven baking for a few months. I'm still very excited to get them made and posted.

The Future

The next five or so videos I have planned are real ambitious ones that I've been sitting on for a while now, and as much as I'm proud of uploading Fortunes as a precursor to those videos and the livestreams, I apologize for not keeping a regular pace. Sure I made some vines and posted a few tweets, but that's all I was able to do within the constraints of my social life and academic track. But, now that classes are over and Summer is upon us, I'll take this time to get back in the swing of things. After getting these next five or so videos completed, I would like to get the TribeTwelve Season 1 DVD created. It may take a while to produce, but I've been wanting to get it underway for a long time.

Now, while I don't have any new video content to present to you at this moment, know well that I have not given up and production is underway on new videos.This year has been less of a hiatus and more of a slow developmental process. The image at the top is some concept art for you to ponder over. I'm not giving any release dates because I'm not making that mistake again. New videos will pop up when you least expect them, and that's kinda the way I want it right now given Noah's mental state. He's not well anymore, and it will show more than you think.

I hope fans will understand where I'm coming from and find it in themselves to be patient as I create more horror content at my own pace. I promise, once these videos start coming out you'll be glad you waited.

In the meantime, here's a trailer I made for TribeTwelve that you can show your friends.